Krashada® Acupressure Therapy is used to clear blocks physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and to enhance energy flow. Stress and trauma can be major reasons for energy blocks. Blocks in the body may be the cause of pain or discomfort. These energy blocks may be the cause of blocks in life.

The proper flow of energy through one's bodies directly affects one's quality of life. The negative energies or stagnation caused by stress, trauma, and other experiences create blocks, interfere with proper energy flow, and may cause pain.

Life's traumas and stresses may cause energy blocks in the bodies. Stored trauma may adversely affect a person's life, even if the original experience is not held in conscious memory. These restrictions may lead to nervousness, anxiety, migraine headaches, chronic pain, depression, TMJ Syndrome, allergies, learning disabilities, inability to move forward in life, a burdened feeling, inability to relax, irritability, muscle tension, lack of energy, attraction of negative situations, stagnation, and a general sense of lacking and unhappiness.

Krashada® Acupressure Therapy uses firm pressure along the meridian lines of energy that are utilized in acupuncture. Krashada® is a very powerful and efficient way to quickly release energy blocks and infuse the bodies with pure positive energies. It is significant that this treatment, whenever possible, may remove a block without the client having to re-experience the trauma. Krashada® is extremely powerful in its ability to reach deeply and to pull out the energy of a trauma so that the client experiences as little discomfort as possible.


60-minute session ($90)

90-minute session ($135)