The IMAET System

The IMAET System is a biofeedback relaxation and stress management device. It measures the level of reactivity within a person to certain specific energetic records.  When a person’s body registers a stress reaction it can mean that a person has a sensitivity to that item. It may mean that that item causes inflammation within the body or some kind of allergic reaction.  The System will also measure the relative degree of reactivity. 

The IMAET can do a biofeedback procedure to reduce the stress reaction. The information can also be used as an adjunct to the NAET System of allergy elimination. 

This information can be very effective at improving the quality of life and wellness and the reduction of allergic reactions.   It should not be construed as a medical claim or that this process is intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease or any medical condition.


Scan and Biofeedback     $100.00

Scan                                     $65.00

Feedback                            $  75.00